Putting amazing back into grace – part 5

Before we begin to look in earnest at Chapter 7 of ‘Putting amazing back into grace’,... 

Putting amazing back into grace – part 4

As the General Election moves ever closer, I’m sure that many of us, myself... 

Putting amazing back into grace – part 3

Horton is definitely American. I’ve never made and sold lemonade, though I... 

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Fellowship of Unity Fellowship of Unity

Ronnie Evans continues to explore what it means to be the body of Christ, this week... 

Fellowship of Obedience Fellowship of Obedience

Ronnie Evans continues his look through the Epistle of John which reminds us that... 

Fellowship of Brokenness Fellowship of Brokenness

Ronnie Evans takes us through the opening to the Epistle of John. Too often, as Christians... 

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Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung

I decided to read this book based on a recommended reading list from the resurgence, which incidentally is a great resource if you’re looking for recommended reading on a particular subject. Do you know the phrase ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover?’ Well, I do the exact opposite... [Read more of this review]

Unceasing Worship – Harold M. Best

Unceasing worship by Harold M. Best is a book about what it means to live a life of worship.  There have been numerous christian books written on this subject, many about the fact that we should not limit our worship to a time or place.  Best goes further – the main emphasis of his book being about the concept of ‘continuous outpouring’... [Read more of this review]

Future Men – Douglas Wilson Future Men – Douglas Wilson

Douglas Wilson, Pastor of Christ Church (Moscow, Idaho), apologist and prolific writer, is perhaps best known for the 2008 showdown with essayist and Atheist, Christopher Hitchens, with which Wilson and Hitchens toured the States debating the topic, ‘Is Christianity good for the world?’. The highlights of this tour were captured by Darren... [Read more of this review]

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