ASK – Episode 1 now here!

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ASK – Episode 1 now here!

For those of you who missed my previous blog, I am pleased to announce that the first episode of ASK, a weekly vodcast from Firwood Church, was published last night.

You can watch ASK in one of three ways.

The first option is to download or stream your episode of choice in the media player directly from the website (click here). The advantages to watching ASK in this way, is that the video quality is good and, by clicking on the  ‘download option’ you can download the file to your hard drive and keep and play it through your media player of choice.

The downside is that it may, depending upon the speed of your internet connection, take a couple of minutes to stream or download the file.

The second option is to subscribe to the ASK at Firwood Church podcast stream through iTunes (click here). The big advantage to this is that new episodes will automatically download to your iTunes library each week (as you open up iTunes). Those of you who already subscribe to the Firwood Church podcast stream will discover the first episode of ASK in the Firwood Church podcast list next time you open iTunes. Later this week we will go live with a second Firwood Church iTunes stream dedicated to ASK. We will publish details as to how subscribe to this when the feed goes live.

The downside to this option is that you will need to download iTunes to your computer. You can download iTunes simply, easily and free of charge by clicking here.

The third option is to watch ASK through youtube. I have embedded the first episode of ASK in the youtube player below.

The advantage to watching through youtube this is that it is quick and easy to stream the episode directly from the youtube player. The downside is that the video quality is inferior to that offered from this website and through iTunes (you can improve the quality by choosing the HQ option on the player, below). Also, due to a restriction on the file size, each episode in youtube is divided into parts 1 and 2.

Most importantly, I want to remind you that ASK relies on your contribution. Feel free to add to the discussion by commenting on the ASK page (click here). And please feel free to email your questions regarding Scripture, theology, church and life to

ASK, episode 1, part 1 of 2

ASK, episode 1, part 2 of 2