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Just a very short blog post to draw your attention to yet another way in which you can keep up to date with what is going on at Firwood Church.

As we’ve recently announced, you can, via Facebook, receive updates on new content available on the website. As with the Quiz & Curry Night, we’ll also use Facebook to send invites and information around about important Outreach Events at the Church.

In addition to this, you can now follow Firwood Church on Twitter.


It’s very possible that the previous sentence meant nothing to you. Perhaps you thought I was speaking in tongues?

For those of you who have only just realised that the internet isn’t a piece of fishing apparatus; I’ll clarify. If you have a twitter account (they are free and very easy to set up), you can click this link and choose to “Follow” Firwood Church. Much like on Facebook, we’ll be updating our status to inform you when we release new content on the site, but we’ll also be posting exclusive content that you will only be able to see via Twitter; such as what books we are currently reading and other resources that we recommend.

Our intention has always been that this website would not only be a valuable resource for Firwood Church, but also for the wider Church of Christ. By continuing to post new content in this way, we hope that in our very small efforts, we can continue to give glory to Jesus, the focus of all our worship.