Johnny Cash Biography

Making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland

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Johnny Cash Biography

Those of you who have been around for the current series on Ecclesiastes will have noticed that the introductory video uses Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt taken from his final studio album (this video will be available shortly through this website).

Johnny Cash was one of the first celebrity hellraisers and gained a notority  for his excessive alcohol consumption and wild ‘rock and roll’ lifestyle. However, behind the poised exterior of the Man in Black, things were beginning to fall apart.

At his lowest moment, in which he attempted to take his life, Jesus Christ radically intervened and rescued him and he was never the same again.

This short video, produced by Mars Hill Church, Seattle, to accompany a series based on the letter to the Philippians (click here to watch), tells the story of Johnny Cash’s conversion. Interestingly, the story of Johnny Cash reflects the story we have been tracing through Ecclesiastes. In Johnny Cash we see a man who had acheived fame, wealth and success and yet felt the meaningless of an existence apart from Christ. For Johnny Cash, despair was the gateway through which the Son of God entered in an changed his life.