Soul Survivor… Please pray!

Making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland

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Soul Survivor… Please pray!

Stephen Evans (Youth Pastor and Eden Team Leader) has asked that we post the following prayer request as the youth leaders and young people head down to Soul Survivor based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Stephen writes:

“This Monday we embark, once again, for Soul Survivor.

Picture the scene: twenty-two young people, ten tents, four gas stoves… and three hundred porta-loos too few. Rain, mud, way, way, way too little sleep and the all pervading smell of kid-sweat and sewage.

And yet, none of us would miss it for the world.

Soul Survivor is the largest youth festival in Europe and each year we head down to Shepton Mallet full of hope and expectation with regards to all that God is about to do. Over the past few years, we have seen young people saved, transformed and healed. We have seen young people return with great callings on their lives to pursue holiness, to serve and to witness. This year I ask, once again, that you would pray for us. Pray that God would move. Pray for great things.

Specifically, I would ask that you pray into the following areas:

  1. Please pray for a safe journey, that we would arrive on time and in one piece. Pray that even as we travel God would move and begin to deepen relationships. Please pray, similarly, for the journey home.
  2. Once again we are taking many unbelievers with us. Please pray that God would move and that his saving grace would change many lives for ever.
  3. Please pray for the youth leaders and helpers: pray for wisdom, strength, patience and that God would sustain a holy enthusiasm.
  4. Pray for the Soul Survivor leadership team, that God would bless them, use them powerfully and that he would meet their every need.
  5. And please pray for the weather. Last year we experienced storms and fairly serious flooding. The young people are tough and resilient, but we are not. Please pray for sunshine.”

Stephen Evans