Eden Westwood

Making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland

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Eden Westwood

Eden Westwood is coming soon.

If you are interested in joining the Eden Westwood team, click here

More information can be found on the Eden Network Website. Below is a brief outline of the project which you can see on the Eden website:

“Eden is an award-winning and influential initiative combining urban youthwork, church planting and community transformation. From its roots in the council estates and inner city streets of Manchester and Salford it has steadily grown over the last 10 years into a vibrant network of projects. The really unique thing about Eden is the way the teams choose to live in the most difficult areas, sharing the problems of those growing up there, and ministering to their needs. We believe it’s a truly Jesus-style approach…

‘The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood…’ John 1:14 (The Message – NAVPress)

At its heart Eden is about youthwork, but it’s also so much more than that. Eden recognises that young people lead lives layered with all sorts of relationships, aspirations and frustrations. Working with them successfully requires a holistic approach embracing their family, their education, their health and of course, the key thing that sets us apart from secular agencies – their relationship with God.

Eden teams vary in size and they are all at different stages in their life-cycle. Every community we work in is different in the nature of the challenges and priorities faced. However one thing is true in all the areas – they really need stability. By committing to live in the area long term, Eden teams have shown that hope can be found in the most volatile neighbourhoods.”